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How to Prove Common Law Relationships in Alberta

Proving Common Law Family Relationships in Alberta People in “common law” relationships in Alberta enjoy similar rights to married couples but, in the absence of a formal agreement, they must sometimes prove that they are common law partners. This is often easier said than done, as there are certain requirements for a relationship to be classified as such. This article outlines what common law relationships are in Alberta, what your associated rights are and how you can prove common-law status. Learn More → Reasons Why You Should Hire a Family Lawyer Book a Consultation What is a [...]

By |28/11/2022|AB, Adult Interdependent Relationship, Blog, Common Law|

Alberta Court of Appeal Sets New Test for Imputing Income for Support Purposes

New Test to Impute Income for Child Support Purposes in Alberta The calculation of how much a parent is required to pay in child support is based on how much that parent earns. Normally, the court will determine what the parent’s income is by looking at their annual tax return, or the tax returns of any corporation that the parent operates. However, determining a person’s income may be more complicated in situations where one parent believes the other parent is intentionally unemployed or earning less than they are capable of. In such situations, the Federal Child Support Guidelines [...]

By |28/11/2022|AB, Blog, Child Support|

Who keeps the family pets after separation or divorce?

Who gets the pets after separation in Canada? Many people develop deep bonds with their pets, and may often view them as members of their family. At the time of a separation or divorce, this can result in some very emotional conflict about what happens to the family pet. While there are laws that specifically direct courts to make arrangements for sharing custody and access to children, the law does not treat pets the same way. Instead, pets are considered to be personal property. That means that as a general rule, unless the spouses make an agreement otherwise, [...]

By |30/09/2022|AB, Blog, Divorce, Family Law, Pets, Separation|
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Can I Get a Divorce Without My Spouse’s Consent?

Can I Get a Divorce Without My Spouse’s Consent in Vancouver, BC In some Vancouver divorces, the spouses don’t agree about the need for a divorce. This can create a contentious situation where one of the spouses believes that the marriage has broken down irretrievably and the other often wants to try to “work it out”. Such situations can be complex to resolve. Proceedings generally go smoother if both parties can agree on the fundamental need for divorce (as well as the main separation issues) but the consent of both spouses is not necessary to obtain a divorce in [...]

By |07/11/2022|BC, Blog, Divorce|

How to Apply for a Family Protection Order in BC

Applying for a family protection order in British Columbia Family violence is a distressing experience that can leave people wondering what their options are. If you have experienced family violence or believe that you or a family member are at risk of family violence, you may apply to court for a family protection order to protect yourself or any family member, such as your children. It is a good idea to have the assistance of a family lawyer in this process, not only to guide you through the legal steps, but also to help you understand other resources [...]

Proving Common Law Relationships When Separating in British Columbia

Separation and Proving a Common Law Relationship in BC If you are unmarried when you separate from your partner in Vancouver but are hoping to claim common-law status, you may need to prove that your relationship qualifies as “common law” under B.C. family legislation. According to the B.C Family Law Act, you may be entitled to the same rights as a married spouse, providing your relationship meets the definition of common law here. This includes the same rights regarding property division, spousal support, and child support that married couples can access during a divorce. Under the Family Law [...]

By |20/09/2022|BC, Common Law, Separation|
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