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How to Terminate Your Spousal Support in Alberta

Terminating Your Spousal Support in Alberta Spousal support may be awarded when married couples or common law partners separate in Alberta — to aid the transition to financial self-sufficiency. While periods vary for spousal support, it’s important for the payor to honour the agreement until the expiry date (usually, there is one in all but the longest marriages) or until a specific event ends the agreement (such as a remarriage). In some cases, a modification or termination of spousal support must be sought due to a change of circumstances that does not automatically end the agreement. To arrange [...]

By |26/09/2022|

Family Law Legislation in Alberta

Understanding Family Law Legislation in Alberta Several important laws govern family matters in Alberta, the most important of which is the Family Law Act. These provincial laws must also work with federal laws like the Divorce Act in certain situations. It is normal for families to experience issues like relationship breakups, disputes over children or parenting, support issues, parentage or guardianship issues, and so on. The prevailing laws are designed to help resolve such issues and, from time to time, amendments are made to them. These important laws are the mainstays of family law in Alberta, so families seeking [...]

By |02/03/2022|

How is Spousal Support / Alimony Calculated in British Columbia?

How is Spousal Support Alimony Calculated in British Columbia? One of the major items “on the table” in most divorces is the amount of alimony or spousal support payable by one spouse to the other. Alimony is simply the old name for spousal support. It is intended to ease the transition process to a self-sufficient life after a marriage breaks down. As such, it is an important calculation to make and the courts in BC want to ensure that it is correct. Spousal support is a major cause of divorce disputes. While most parents do not complain about [...]

By |24/11/2021|

Maintenance Enforcement Program in Alberta

Maintenance Enforcement Program for Alberta Residents Sometimes, despite a court order being issued, stipulating child, spousal or partner support to be paid by one ex-partner to another, payments are not made. For the recipient or the payor, financial hardship may result from the situation. The Alberta family law system treats this seriously, especially when children are impacted. Alberta’s maintenance enforcement program is designed to help recipients of support get the payments that they are due. Learn More → Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Family Law Lawyer Book A Consultation What is the [...]

By |31/08/2021|

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