There can be complex issues involved in a divorce case—including receiving what you are legally entitled to—that may not be completely apparent to you. If there are children of the relationship, property issues, child and spousal support issues, the legal issues can be complicated. You need the right guidance and advice.

Our team of Edmonton divorce lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to protect your rights and work for a successful outcome for your case. You can count on the lawyers at Spectrum Family Law for practical legal advice and an advocate to represent you in any family law or divorce matter. We are experienced in dealing with difficult matters involving child support, spousal support, child custody/child access and property issues.


Due to the emotionally charged nature of divorce cases, it is important to have an objective advocate assist you. The lawyers at Spectrum Family Law can provide you with practical divorce solutions so that you can get through this difficult time in a cost-effective manner. Although it is always preferable to negotiate a resolution of the issues arising out of a separation, our lawyers are prepared to go to court when necessary to ensure your rights are respected.

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